Our Packaging

We take pride in our packaging and do our very best to ensure your new items make their way to you safely with minimal environmental impact – while still looking great!

At Foursides Co. we believe every little bit helps when it comes to sustainability and reducing our impact on the earth. That is why we use tissue paper, tape and stickers from NoIssue and why we choose our materials very carefully.

  • Our stickers are 100% compostable
  • Our tape is 100% Recycled and uses soy-based inks
  • Our tissue paper is 100% compostable, recyclable and is even made from recycled materials!
  • Our packing peanuts and 100% biodegradable and are made with recycled materials
  • Our boxes are cardboard and can easily be recycled

We’re always trying to ensure our practices are up to date and always improving!
If you have any further suggestions as to how we could do better, please let us know via our contact page