How To : Caring For Brass

Published 29th Aug 2021

How To : Caring For Brass

We looove brass goodies at Foursides Co. Brass is a timeless material that we believe truly works in every interior space. Whether it be small accents or a feature tone throughout the home, it's clear the impact brass can have! We love the natural patina brass gets over time, giving it that loved and lived look, but we know some of you much prefer the brand new sparkling look so we're going to tell you how to refresh your brass items at home.

Many of our products from much loved brand,  Behr & Co, are solid brass, which is a natural material containing raw metals such as copper and zinc. It's these metals that can cause the patina process when exposed to moisture and humidity - it's that organic goodness.

Quick Tip

We have a handy tip for you, whenever you're buying brass and want to make sure it's the real deal, get out a trusty magnet! If it sticks, you're out of luck. Real brass is not magnetic so you won't feel that pull. If the magnet sticks, it's likely brass plated or some other material.

General Care

Solid brass does not like prolonged contact with water, try to avoid contact with liquids where possible. If the brass items do come into contact with water, ensure to dry with a soft, clean, cloth as soon as possible. To avoid fingerprints, avoid touching the surface with dirty or oily fingers. If you're anything like us, keeping our hot lil hands off these hot lil brass objects is just too much to ask so we've got a super easy cleaning tutorial to make them sparkle like new again.

Okay, you've not given your brass enough love, it happens!
There's a really easy way to clean up your brass and make it like new again, and you only need a few household ingredients. 

◗ Grab some flour, lemon juice or white vinegar and baking powder.

◗ Mix these as all equal parts until you have enough goo to cover your goodies. It should look like a thick paste once mixed

◗ Apply the paste to your brass objects with a soft brush or piece or paper towel and leave for approximately 10 minutes

◗ Wipe off paste with a clean, damp cloth and dry

◗ Grab a clean soft cloth and gently buff until all marks are gone

Stains or scratches still there?

We've really got to pull out the big guns now.

For stubborn stains, apply Brasso and buff with a soft microfibre cloth.

For extreme scratches, use a scotch-brite pad and lightly buff in circular motions on vases, trays and coasters.

How to clean Nickel Plated Brass

Be a little gentle with this one. Buff out any fingerprints and water spots with a dry, soft, clean cloth. Don't use any harsh abrasive cleaning agents here.

It's That Simple

Easy as! After all, these products have been made to be loved and appreciated for years to come, so to care for them has to be simple. If you make sure to follow the above advice and give your items a little refresh every now and again, you'll have beautiful products to last a lifetime.