Kick Goals This Year

Published 16th Jan 2022

It's a new year already, and for a lot of us, that means it's time to set new goals.

Setting goals isn't for everyone but it is a wonderful way of planning out the year and ensuring you have everything in place to achieve what you've set out to do within the next 12 months. Deciding on a goal isn't necessarily the hard part either, the trickier part is putting in a plan to meet that goal and ensuring it is realistic. 

Whether small or large, there's a few things we find help us achieve our goals each year.

A messy space can become a messy mind and if you're unable to focus that could be detrimental to achieving your goals. The best spaces to keep clutter free are your workspace and your bedroom. 

Keep your workspace clear by keeping clutter off the desk and introduce some greenery to brighten up the area. Put all your bits and bobs into a vessel to organise them and keep them all in one place, and add a jug or carafe for a refined hydration station. This space should be one you feel calm in so you can get to work without being distracted by what's around you.

The bedroom should be a sanctuary, it is where you rest and rejuvenate so you can keep on going. Pop all the less used items into your bedside and put daily jewellery into a small dish on top. Add a lamp or a nice candle to improve the ambience. Make sure all clothes are put away at the end of the day so you're also waking up in a clutter free environment. 

    Stay hydrated with the Yala Jug      Display greenery in the Terrazzo Vase  

Busy people can often forget about relaxing or even feel guilty for taking time out. It's so important to have some time each week where you can truly unwind. Even if that means it's just a 30 minute bath break with a book while your partner keeps the kids or duties at bay. Do what you find most relaxing, and enjoy it! 

It's no good working hard for weeks straight only to burn out and need just as much time to recoup. Take time out as it is needed, and don't feel guilty for it! Nothing is more important than your own wellbeing.

Set up a relaxing space and get comfy

Often we become so focused on the big picture that we forget to celebrate the small wins along the way. These may not seem worth celebrating at the time but these small milestones are what will get you to your ultimate goal. Acknowledging and appreciating these wins will only make you more motivated to keep going.

If you've taken that first scary step, or followed a new healthy habit for a month - celebrate it!

We are ready to take on this new year, whatever may be thrown our way, and hope that you achieve all you want to this year. Besides if you don't, there's another year coming and you'll have a better insight as to what works for you so you can go into the next year better prepared than the one before!