Who are we?

Published 5th Aug 2021

Who are we?

Our Vision

Our Vision: To Bring Great Design To Everyone's Homes 

Foursides Co. is more than ‘just’ an online homewares store. We lovingly curate all the products on our site and aim to bring great design to everyone’s homes. We believe a product should be more than simply beautiful, it also needs to be functional and made to last. That’s why we make sure to only work with designers that feel the same way we do!

Working with big and small businesses and both Australian and international creators, we want to bring you the best of the best. Many of our products are handmade and carefully crafted and some in limited numbers, made to be loved and to stand the test of time.

Behind the Brand

Foursides Co. was a brand born out of a 2020 lockdown. Like many others, we decided that this uncertain time was the perfect time to launch the homewares store of our dreams. After some time of thinking what if, we decided there is no time better than now.

Co-founded by a wife and husband team, with a passion for great interior design and architecture. We're sharing our design tastes directly with you so we only stock products we would have in our home and products we truly love. This is the Foursides Co. aesthetic, you won't find trending patterns or seasonal items, only beautiful and timeless design.

We care about the earth and we understand the impact a retail business can have on the environment, that's why we have taken steps and will continue to take steps to make conscious business decisions. The brands we choose to work with use sustainable practices, create high quality products and work with respected manufacturers.

 We take pride in our packaging and do our very best to ensure your new items make their way to you safely while being packaged in recyclable, compostable or reusable materials. Our stickers are 100% compostable, tape is 100% recycled, tissue paper is 100% compostable, packing peanuts are 100% biodegradable and we use cardboard boxes that can be easily recycled.

We're all about a great experience and we believe in the full package.
From when you first start shopping on our site to when you're receiving your goodies to your doorstep, we want you to feel like this is something special - because it is.

We're not like your everyday homewares store or department store, we're that little bit more. We take the extra time to ensure your parcel is packaged to perfection, that every item is just as beautiful as it looks on our site, that all your questions are answered, and that you are truly well looked after. 

This is Foursides Co. and we're so happy you're here.