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Offset Candleholder Vol 1

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A sculptural, enticing and stylish candleholder. "The Offset" is no ordinary candleholder, but rather a sculpture also capable of holding a candle. A graphic and bold piece of accessory for your living room or windowsill.

Two beautiful materials, brought together and on purpose aligned offset of each other, forms the base of this uniquely designed candleholder from Kristina Dam Studio. The offset candleholder has an exceptional sculptural appearance and the design of this candle-holder is without comparison. The contrast between the smooth grey sandstone and the travertine is as striking as it is unique. The Offset Candle-holder design makes it worthy as a centerpiece, when not used as a sophisticated candleholder. The "Offset" is a statement piece that will look great illuminating all modern furnished homes and interiors.

The Offset Candleholder is handmade so small differences in shape and colour of the sandstone and travertine may occur. Some glue marks may also be visible due to the handmade and raw nature.

12 L x 7 W x 12 H cm

Light Grey Sandstone & Travertine

Care Instructions
When cleaning the product use only a damp cloth. Dry immediately with a soft cloth to prevent water marks and stains. Before usage place a candle firmly inside the holder. Remember to maintain the length of the wick while the candle is burning and make sure to blow out the candle 2 cm above the socket of the candlestick.

Never leave a burning candle unattended at any time.
Keep the candle out of the reach of children and keep it away from inflammable materials.