Solitude Lounge Chair - Beige

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The Solitude Lounge Chair from Kristina Dam Studio in beige offers a serene and elegant addition to any space. Embodying the ethos of 'sculptural minimalism', this chair is inspired by the geometric principles of the Bauhaus movement. The unique design features offset armrests for versatile and comfortable seating options. Crafted with a luxurious, coarse-woven Italian Bouclé in a warm beige hue, the chair's fabric complements its stainless-steel frame, creating a harmonious contrast. More than just a seating option, the Solitude Chair in beige is a true statement piece, merging art and design to enhance both the aesthetics and comfort of your living space.

Size Width: 87cm, Depth: 71cm, Height: 73cm
Seat Height 40cm, Seat Depth: 56 cm

Material Orsetto fabric and stainless steel frame

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Designed by Kristina Dam Studio.

Founded in 2012, by Danish graphic designer and architect Kristina Dam, Kristina Dam Studio has a mission of making art and interiors merge; in furniture, art prints, illustrations and sculptures. Designs by Kristina Dam Studio are graphic and architectural with a high level of detail and excellent craftsmanship. Furniture pieces from Kristina Dam Studio are mostly made from natural materials and the studio believes that utilising natural materials and mastering the monochromatic palette enables them to create timeless and enduring designs. Distinct and beautiful - simplicity with an attitude.