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Zen Garden Oil (15ml)

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The Zen Garden Oil from Scent Australia Home is a crisp mix of peony and lotus notes, grounded with hints of driftwood and musk. Add a few drops to your oil diffuser or burner as required and enjoy.

The Creation
This most crisp fragrance celebrates top notes of Peony, Water Fruits, Lotus and Iris. Driftwood and Musk create the base notes of this fresh invigoration.

The Inspiration
"Through the madness, and the noise, and the grapple - there is room to sigh. To relieve. To be still. And albeit difficult, magnifying these times with a concerned effort will grow your Zen Garden. It will become so lush that the noise will silence, peace will out rival the madness, and the grapple will eventuate to reward. Refigure your focus, and smell the roses. And eventually, they will bloom."