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Brass Bowl - Large

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A multifunctional piece, this brass bowl from Behr & Co is clean and minimal with subtle branding on the side. Use to store knick-knacks on a bookshelf, small belongings on a desk or to serve up delicious snacks. These compact and practical handcrafted brass bowls can be used for many different purposes, in all rooms of the home or office.

Please note that as this item is solid brass, it contains raw metals such as copper and zinc which over time can patina when exposed to heat and moisture. This is part of its organic ageing process and only adds to the overall look. Small marks and impressions are a result of the handcrafted nature of the product.

16cm Ø x 7cm H

Solid Brass (unlacquered)

Care Instructions
Avoid prolonged contact with liquids. If the surface does get wet, dry immediately with a clean, soft cloth. Avoid touching the surface with dirty, oily fingers. Do not use any abrasive cleaning agents.

For full care instructions relating to brass, head here