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Brick Sculpture

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A single, unbroken line emanating from one starting point and continuing in the infinite. Inspired by the architectural lines of Greek arches and vaults, this beautiful porcelain sculpture from Kristina Dam Studio is bound to add a unique touch to your home environment.

Brick Sculpture is a newcomer in the sculpture range of Kristina Dam Studio Designs. Showcasing a distinct modern and simple design, the sculpture is inspired by the architectural design of greek arches and vaults. Emanating from one starting point, the sculpture is designed as the idea of a single unbroken line, which gives the illusion of an infinite, organic sculpture. If you are looking for a beautiful and head-turning art piece for your home, Brick Sculpture is the right piece of high end interior accessories for you. Give the Brick Sculpture the prominent display it deserves and enjoy how it changes its surroundings.

The Brick Sculpture is handmade, so small differences in shape and color may occur.

20 L x 20 W x 20 H cm

Off-White Ceramic With Glaze

Care Instructions
Clean the sculpture using a damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth. The product is not suitable for outdoor usage. Avoid sudden temperature changes, as a thermal shock can cause cracks in the material. Please arrange the sculpture carefully to prevent scratches on the surface and be aware of the fragile edges.

Decoration use only.