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Jardin de Carthage Oil (15ml)

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The Jardin de Carthage Oil from Scent Australia Home is a refreshing mix of orange blossom and bergamot, rounded out with touches of rose and amber. Add a few drops to your oil diffuser or burner as required and enjoy.

The Creation
Jardin de Carthage houses top notes of Bergamot and Orange Blossom to meet Rose, Peony and Jasmine. Base notes of Cedarwood, Amber and Musk crown the nature of the aroma, creating an aura of energy and ability.

The Inspiration
"The rose he delivered was wilting with time. It's soft pink petals now a blushed shade of grey. It attempted to drink the water beneath it, but disguise, you can't - because truths don't lie. The gloss of the sea danced through the window, but little can distract from a broken mind. Memory is deceit from a rose coloured eye, so she applied her ruby lipstick and said her goodbyes."